Best OTC Skin Tag Removal Creams And Treatments

There are a lot of ways to remove skin tags. That’s why this site exists, in fact. But for most people, some of the more extreme ways of removing skin tags just aren’t gonna be feasible. This is why skin tag removal creams exist!

Tying a piece of floss around a skin tag for a couple of days? What if the skin tag is too small for that or in a weird area?

Thinking about applying duct tape or using Tea Tree Oil? Prepare for the great wait.

Imagining that it’ll be easy to just whip out a knife and start cutting? Uh, hold on there!!! Stop!

Over The Counter Skin Tag Removal Creams Are The Safe Route

You don’t have to hurt yourself here in order to remove a skin tag or two. There are plenty of potions and concoctions on the market that work, and also plenty that don’t! So for the purposes of this article, I’ll split those particular creams into three different categories: Effective, Semi-Effective and Straight Up Snake Oil.

(Ahem. So maybe they’re not the most professional sounding category names, but let’s not get too uptight. We’re talking skin tags here!)

Two attractive package designs developed to leave you feeling duped!

Two attractive package designs developed to leave you feeling duped!

Straight Up Snake Oil: The Ones To Avoid

Alright, so this is the fun part. What can you avoid? What is there simply to attempt to separate you from your money, and leave you with your tags intact and feeling, frankly, plain ol’ ripped off?

Well, there are quite a few of these types of snake oil, unfortunately. First off, anything has universal disapproval by nearly everyone that has ever reviewed it probably doesn’t work. Why is that? Well, maybe it’s bad chemistry, or just a faulty product, but the Amazon reviews are clear – these are ineffective products.

When you have something that is in the 1 star area consistently, it’s better just to avoid, and these repackaged ripoffs are always create pretty much the antithesis of a “satisfied customer”.

Stinky Water. Yes, I said it. These products, going by the names Tag Away, Elimitag, Tag No More, Naturasil and the awesomely titled, Miracle Of Aloe “Miracle Skin Tag Remover” (sample slogan: “It’s a miracle if it actually works!!!”) are really products that shouldn’t be for sale. They are useless to most people, smell really badly, and don’t actually do anything to remove your skin tags.

These are all sold on Amazon, of course, and are all of the “make sure you use this religiously for 6 weeks at least, and we swear it will work.” Of course, by the end of that period, you’re just angry, and your skin tag looks healthier. Meanwhile, it’s now too late to get a refund.

See how that works?

So by all means, if you want to avoid wasting a ton of time and a ton of money (these snake oils aren’t even cheap!), avoid these. The only people that actually benefit from them are the people that market and produce them. Need more incentive? Check the Better Business Bureau ratings on any of the companies that sell these. They all have absurdly non-descript company names like: DAB Unlimited and Television Products Corp. Naturasil seems to be a name that continues to come up as well.

Sadly, the only people laughing are them…

The Semi-Effective!

The Semi-Effective - as enthusiastically functional as the name suggests! (not)

The Semi-Effective – as enthusiastically functional as the name suggests! (not)

The hilarity of the Semi Effective is that they’re not entirely exciting, but they aren’t full-on, unabashed rip-offs, either. These products tend to be cheap, yes, but also tend to have VERY mixed results. This category of skin tag removal creams tends not to be specifically for skin tag removal at all! Instead, we have a mix of products that tend to work for other things, but are not expressly created for the removal of skin tags.

Got it? Good.

So what I’m talking about here are products like Tea Tree Oil (no specific brand, this is a natural product, so they’re all the same), but also things with unattractive names like “Wart Stick” and Dr. Scholl’s “Freeze Your Warts Away”.

Now, before we go further, I should probably mention that anything that says “Wart Remover” is typically FOR WARTS! I get emails all the time from visitors asking if it’s safe to use a wart remover on their skin tags, and my reply is always the same: “Probably, but I really don’t know!”

Here’s the thing: SKIN TAGS ARE NOT WARTS! Say it with me if you have to!

Knowing this will help you, believe me.

And as to results? Well, again… I’ve heard mixed things. Some people swear they work, and other people see them as a massive waste of time. For me, I would ALWAYS RECOMMEND AGAINST using a wart remover on a highly visible skin tag! If it’s on your face, abandon the chase! If it’s on your neck, don’t let a wart remover connect!

The reason here, friends, is simple. It’s called scarring. Wart removers can create scars. And if your skin tag is highly visible, you DON’T WANT SCARS! Simple as that!


Ok, I’m being funny here. But it’s funny how many people don’t bother with the actual effective skin tag removers because they’re hell bent on saving a dollar or two, or maybe just want to toy with their skin tags. You know, tease them a bit. The reasoning is always beyond me, because if you’re looking for an over the counter skin tag removal cream, shouldn’t it ACTUALLY WORK??

Well, I think so. Which is why at this point, with all the feedback the site gets, and after using plenty of creams myself, the only one I truly believe in for its effectiveness is Pristine Herbal Touch. This stuff works, it works fast and most importantly, it doesn’t scar and is easy to use!

What’s more this product is MADE TO REMOVE SKIN TAGS. Oh. And Moles. This isn’t a product that is made for something else, but just happens to remove a skin tag once in a while. Nope, this is a product that focuses on removing skin tags.

It’s not stinky water, either. This is a remover that is safe, strong and works really fast.

So what I’m saying is that it’s a no-lose product. With all the emails I get, I have NEVER heard of anyone saying that it doesn’t work. is Simple fact.

This stuff was on Amazon, but isn’t any longer. You have to get it from the company’s website, which is here.

Need something for more sensitive areas like around your eyes, nose and mouth? Check out our Revitol Skin Tag Remover review here.


So, that’s it. Are there other effective over the counter skin tag remover products out there? Yes. There likely are. But none that I’ve seen that are as unequivocally effective as Pristine Herbal Touch. It continues to be this site’s product of choice, until we find out otherwise.

(Has something worked really well for you? If so, leave a comment! Or send an email to “taglady” at this website!)


  1. Josephine /

    Boy do I wish I read this article before I spent so much money. Thanks for telling the truth about these products! I hope your readers don’t waste money like I did.

    I’ve ordered from Fingers crossed!

  2. I can definitely back you up on those junky products. I’m sad to say I’ve tried a couple of them.

    Wart & Mole Vanish, on the other hand, is just a different class product. Really good. There isn’t anything out there that comes close!

  3. Holly Kinkade /

    Does it work on large skin tags?

  4. trevor /


  5. Michele /

    Definitely wish I’d read this before. Used wart remover on my neck, with what I think is a skin tag. Would it be safe to use Pristine Herbal Touch on top of? Thanks for any information.

  6. ourvassee cundapen /

    Can pristine herbal touch be used on face for a very small skin tag? thanks xx

  7. Lots of Tags Guy /

    Thanks for the information you have provided.
    I have suffered with Skin Tags most of my life. Like most guys, I do nothing about them until I must, letting them accumulate until I have a surgical procedure to rid myself of them. I literally have hundreds of skin tags, mostly where skin rubs against skin, like my underarms, but some where clothing rubs against my skin. Can you recommend an OTC product that will be truly effective for removal of so many skin tags?