Removing Skin Tags By Yourself

If you want to know more about removing skin tags by yourself, this site definitely provides some safe options, and also a number you should definitely consider AT YOUR OWN RISK.  For this site, I relied heavily on various Internet sites when I was still suffering from really far too many skin tags and I was able to find effective solutions, but I will admit that I was frankly quite squeamish with most of the “amateur solutions”. These are crazy ideas, often, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend all of them.

Weird Skin Tags – My Story

nptostrIt was a couple of year ago that I first noticed the emergence of skin tags on my face and neck. Of course, I was really disappointed because I didn’t feel like I knew the cause. My boyfriend was about to arrive from working in another state and it was such a disappointment to have skin imperfections just when he was about to see me after we had not seen each other for a number of months. I really wanted to look my best for him. But with all the skin tags on the most exposed parts of my body, I was certain that he would be disenchanted about my appearance.

Talking To Friends Didn’t Help Much

I made the most out of the time left prior to the arrival of my boyfriend. I did not stop looking for ways to get rid of the pretty unsightly skin growths. I shared my problem with my most trusted friends and all of them seemed to have an idea regarding tag removal. While some of them had previously resorted to surgical methods of removing skin tags, most of my friends made use of home remedies for skin tags. They told me that apart from the fact that home remedies for skin tags are relatively cheaper, they are also more convenient and a lot safer. Skin tag surgical procedures are risky, which is exactly why doctors perform them! You are likely to experience pain during any novice operation and it may cause aggravation to any medical condition that you may be suffering from.

Home Remedies – Freaky, But Sometimes Effective

Among the most common methods I’ve read about to eliminate skin tags involve usage of materials that can be easily found at home. Some of them made use of thread, dental floss and fishing wire to bind the tags. They involve basically tying some floss or string tight on the bottom of the tag until it turns black.

Is this freaky? Absolutely it is. Plus, unless your skin tag is giant, it may not work because you can’t get the floss around it. Personally, I’m not exactly excited about this method. Supposedly, the tags fall off and their skin’s back to its flawless appearance. I’m really not so sure about that, but would invite comments from people who have used this technique!

Other Natural Removers

Apart from this procedure, my friends also tried on applying apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil on their skin tags using cotton. The others even made use of nail polish to remove skin tags and I found it really weird.

rstysAfter looking at the so-called “natural options”, I decided to try Pristine Herbal Touch (read the review here). I did look around for a cream solution, and after determining that NOONE liked Tagaway, and that Compound W didn’t do the trick, I figured I’d try Pristine Herbal Touch.

In a word, it basically magically resolved my skin tag problem. I read as well that Pristine Herbal Touch does require some safety precautions (avoid really sensitive areas), but is really awesome (and FAST!) Prior to trying out this method, I visited some forums and online message boards to figure out how my fellow skin tag sufferers were able to get rid of their skin growths and I discovered that most people who used Pristine Herbal Touch’s Wart & Mole Vanish really liked it and wouldn’t recommend anything else.

How Strong Is Your Stomach?

I compiled about 20 different ways of removing skin tags throughout this website. I do not recommend practically any of them, as I really don’t feel like cutting myself, or hurting myself in general! Basically, I’m a wimp! A squeamish one at that.

Anyway, with Pristine Herbal Touch my skin tags disappeared and went away without leaving a trace. That’s the main takeaway here.

Feel free to leave a comment of a technique that worked for you.

Just try not to get too graphic, if you could 😉


  1. Charmaine /

    Great advice! I’m a wimp, too! I’ll let you know how Pristine Herbal Touch works for me!

  2. Alyssa Davidson /

    I’m glad I found your site. This is good information to know. I have a really ugly tag on my armpit that makes it hard to shave, so I’m going to try Pristine Herbal Touch and see how it goes!

    Wish me luck!

  3. Dan Scott /

    Great site! Learned a lot.

  4. kemi onalaja /

    I will try it and give u feed back

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