How Do You Get Rid Of Skin Tags Naturally?

Mar 29

Do you have a skin tag? Well, it is evident that the older one gets, the more they keep appearing on parts of our body.  There are also evidences that the more one gets rid of them, the more they increase in the body. It is also known that a skin tag is a benign tumor, though it is very harmless. However, one should consult a doctor every time this tumor reflects something out of the ordinary. You should only attempt to get rid of skin tags naturally, if they are confirmed to be real skin tags.

natural-02How do you get rid of skin tags naturally? This is a question that most of us would like to be answered in the simplest ways possible. Removing skin tags in ways which are not natural such as use of chemicals would not be healthy for your skin. This is why many people prefer to get rid of the skin tags naturally. There are some people who get the urge of pulling off the skin tag. Be sure that this does not do well for you. Pulling off the skin tag is quite a painful thing. Additionally, it is something that could lead to excessive bleeding and a wound afterwards. This wound eventually gives rise to a bad scar which you will have to stay with it for a lifetime.

Therefore, before you think of pulling the skin tag off, consider these few strategies that you could implement. One, take a dental floss or the thread which you use for sewing and tie it at the base of the skin tag. Tie it so tightly that there is totally no flow of blood to the tag. Remember blood in this case is the life giver for the skin tag. As long as the skin tag still receives some flow of blood, it will keep growing.  Tying it at the base of the skin tag will cut the flow of blood and therefore kill the tag. Later, after approximately 36 hours, the tag will fall off by itself. This process is painless and does not need much effort.

Another natural method which you can implement is the duct tape method. This method involves adding a small piece of the tape on the infected area. Leave the tape in that position until the time it will fall off by itself. The skin tag will fall off with the tape. If it does not, do not lose hope. Do it again and again and eventually you will have the skin tag removed.

How Do You Get Rid Of Skin Tags Quickly?

The medical name of skin tags is acrochordon. These are ugly growths that are visible on the skin due to some various factors. They appear as extra flesh and are extremely pigmented. They occur above the skin and the most affected parts of the body are around the eyelids, neck, chest and the thighs. Skin tags are not gender specific since they can affect both male and female. They still occur to those ailing from diabetes or obesity and tend to be prominent with the age of the person. They are considered hereditary at times and though they do not pose a major health risk, they are quite unappealing to look at. At certain periods, they may cause body irritation which makes some folks to have them removed as soon as they can manage. How do you get rid of skin tags? Below is the permanent and quick answer to the question.

Cyrotherapy-01First things first, you can use a scalpel to cut them off. However, before you can use it, ensure that it is properly sterilized and the blade being sharp as possible. Ensure that the cut is done carefully and close to the skin as possible. Although there is significant bleeding while doing the procedure, it should not however last for a long time. Cyrotherapy is another effective method in which the skin tag is removed before it is removed. Liquid nitrogen can be used in such a case. Nitrogen is used in the process so as to kill the cell growth.  Although it may cause a scar to the body, the overall process is considered to be very safe.  Electrolysis is another proven way of removing the skin tags. It should be done by a professional and is considered as a permanent method of clearing away the skin tags. Electric needles are utilized in the process to inhibit the growth of the skin tag. They also prevent any further growth just below the skin surface.

Lastly, cutting off the blood supply serves as an important method of removing the tags. This is done by use of a string that ties the skin tag tightly thus stopping the blood supply. This method is however specific to certain regions of the body. In case that the tag is located at places which are at regular contact with your clothing, you can cover them with a band aid to prevent irritation. Next time you hear someone asking, “How do you get rid of skin tags?” the above article will help you answer the question.

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